Hello Bunny!

Hello Visitor!

I’m Ashlie- a full-time student, mom, wife, family assistant, and new blogger.  I have just recently stumbled across the world of “glam planning” and it has consumed me to the core.  I have journaled digitally since high school, but never felt ready to take the plunge into a “big girl blog” until now!

Primarily this blog is focused on my planner obsession and experience in this new venture.  I plan to hopefully review the new products that I order and share the layouts I do week to week.  I may even begin to dabble in creating my own printable stickers as I find the time.

So why “SleepyBunny?” I am also a self-proclaimed geek/nerd- I love anime and pretty much all things Japanese related.  My all-time favorite anime is Sailor Moon and since high school, with my fondness for naps, my friends adorably dubbed me “Sleepy Bunny” and regardless of how old I get, I will never give up that alter ego! v^_^v



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