May Has Come to an End

Finally! May and all the stress (and fun) that came with it is over.  It was one thing after another- all positive stuff. This is going to get a bit more on the personal side and little less on the planner side.

At the beginning of May, I finished the Spring semester.  First time at the U of A that completed all my of classes (four this time) and actually passed them! I was so thrilled.  I know I could have done better (that’s just accountability not being down on my accomplishment) but in the end I did fantastic.  It encouraged me to tackle six classes in the Fall and I’m actually pretty excited about the schedule. Only going to have to be on campus two days out of the week, three of those classes are those days, and the other three are online leaving me free to pretty much 4-5 days out of the week for those classes, home life, and other things.  The days I’m on campus are pretty sweet too- I’ll still be home early enough in the afternoon to take care of dinner or whatever needs to be done, do homework, and have down time at the end of the night.  I’m glad it’s summer now, but I have to say I am pretty excited for Fall.

Immediately, I had to get my husband ready to go testify in Federal Court in Pennsylvania.  He’s been on business trips before, including going to India twice (the last time lasting almost 2 months), but he’s never had to go alone and never involved the FBI and court.  He’s anxiety was beyond flared up and I (happily) helped him stay centered and got him all packed up.

That next week, my daughter “graduated” from elementary school and will be moving on to middle school (junior high) in August.  I’m probably more excited than she is, but I know deep down she can’t wait. It’s actually looking like she’ll be going to the middle school I went to.  Going in to put her name in brought back so many memories.  Elementary school (which was mostly in Oklahoma) was pretty much hell.  Middle school was a bit better and I actually met my best friend there who I’m still really close with now.  I look forward to the friends and achievements she’ll accomplish in the future.

Only a few days later, we were off on our first family road trip to Oklahoma, where I am from originally.  Prior to leaving, I had a sort of “plannerpalooza.”  I wanted to do my planning for the next weeks as I didn’t want to lug all my stickers and stuff to Oklahoma (I knew I wouldn’t really have downtime even in the hotel to really plan anyway) and I knew I would be too tired coming home that Sunday to do my planning.  I got my personal planner (the new Recollections planner from Michael’s), my Erin Condren vertical, and my Plum Paper all updated and decked out.  It was a blast!  We spent a little over a week travelling and visiting family in Oklahoma and Kansas.  On the way back, we stayed the night in Roswell, NM which would have been more fun had I not slipped and fell in the hotel bathtub thus bashing my back on the edge of the tub.  In the split seconds it happened, I was so afraid it the end for me.  Once I knew I would live, I was so afraid my sciatica would act up.  So far so good, (*knocks on wood*), just minor aches and pains with a bad, purple bruise along my lower back.

I’ve spent the last week home just resetting and getting back to routine.  I willingly ate like crap (lots of carbs!) and wasn’t perfect with my medications and that is back on track.  Laundry is caught up, I’ve even had time to start playing WoW again with my hubby! Life is feeling pretty good right about now.

What I’m most excited about, and have planned out during the, what would be unused, summer months of my school planner (PPP) is going to “work” everyday designing my own stickers for my planners.  I have been having so much fun just getting used to the Silhouette Studio program and customizing just what I would need.  So many of the stickers from the kits I purchase go unused despite how I try to repurpose them.  I won’t be able to sell the ones I’m making currently, but it’s at least helping me get the hang of it if and when I decide to officially open my shop and sell some.  But that’s for a later time.

I am a little sad to see May go with all the fun and excited.  At the same time, I’m glad June is here and I look forward to what’s to come in the rest of the year.