Planner Girls Unite!

Firstly, I apologize for not posting in a while.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks getting back to classes after Spring Break and getting back in to the groove of things.

The main thing I am excited to share about is a new website launched by the leader of Arizona Planner Society (a group/community I’m a part of.)  Jamie Marquez-Bratcher’s website, Planner Girl Meetups, is a hub for planner girls all over the world to find solace.  The site acts as a beacon to the planner community calling to planners, sponsors/shops, and planner girls who either already host or would like to host a meetup in their area.

This idea is absolutely brilliant.  Yes, there are dozens upon dozens of groups out there for the planning loving community and there are huge annual conventions and groups, but what about more regular, “girls night out” type of settings?  This is what Jamie hopes to create with Planner Girl Meetups.  I love this idea so much! It allows for a more low-key, ease-in-to-it kind of atmosphere for those that are just starting out, and provides an opportunity for those that have been doing a while to share tips make new friends.  It’s like pledging to a local chapter of a strange planner sorority; there are little sisters and big sisters, gossip, crafting, and on occasion wine (not always, but I have seen some drunken get togethers and that is hilarious.)

I, for one, can’t wait for my first meetup.  My first, technically, will be a small “class” at Michael’s on April 21.  I believe it will focus primarily on the MAMBI Happy Planner (which I do not have yet, but I guess I’m going to have to get it soon!)  Two short days after that, I hope to take a mini-roadtrip up to Gilbert for the Arizona Planner Society meetup on April 23.  This is open to all planners and planner friends.  Right now, I’m probably flying this one solo, but it will be fun to meet some like minded people.  The next meetup that is actually more local to me, in Tucson, isn’t until early May.  Right now I feel like I have no one around me that is into this planning thing.  These meetups are the key to changing that.

In one of her Periscopes, Jamie mentioned that people from the UK and Australia have reached out to her to host meetups and connect with sponsors because there just aren’t resources there to make the connections and I know there are smaller communities across the country that will benefit from this project as well.

I’m excited for this venture for her and I look forward to the success that this is bound to achieve!

For more information, please visit and contact Jamie at

Picture courtesy of Planner Girl Meetups.



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