Happiness Addiction?

I’m pretty sure I’m developing an addiction.  I find myself weighing bills versus craft items for my planners.  I just started this “glam planning” adventure mid-January of this year.  It’s part of my personality to be both impatient as well as do something to the fullest.  I got my Erin Condren and then within a month had my Plum Paper.  I was pretty firm that the MAMBI Happy Planner wasn’t for me; the disc/arc binding just seemed awkward and weird.  However as my obsession has allowed my mind to open a bit more.

Recently, my husband has really been passionate about cooking at home and cooking new recipes.  I took this as an ideal opportunity to try out this disc system.  I convinced my mother (who is currently living with us as she recovers from various life changes) that the MAMBI Create 365 Recipe “planner” was a worthy investment.  This way she could write down her family recipes and combine them with the ones my husband was coming up with.  And so that arrived yesterday.  Now, I think I’m aching to get the actual Happy Planner.  My rationality still has it’s grip on my senses though.  I have nothing to really plan in it and I would just be duplicating what’s in one of my other planners; there’s really no value in getting it now, and yet, even as I write this my “addiction” is thinking of counterpoints- like “hey, you can use it to track social media!”

This is a good point actually.  My husband, while mildly concerned, is excited by my excitement.  He thinks that I should start my own youtube channel for my “plan with me” (which terrifies my inner anti-social monster making her angry).  I’m not sure that I’m quite there yet.  There isn’t really anything new I’m doing as far as structure, I’m just combing things that others might not have.

He also supports me having my own Etsy shop and eventually and independent website that would allow for complete custom orders.  He even got me a course on Adobe Illustrator so I could get more familiar with that and stop using MS Paint or Word (which he finds so funny).  With me being a full-time student and other things going on at home, this all seems so overwhelming.  But it doesn’t cause me to hate planning, it’s not turning this hobby into a painful job.  All in all this falls in line with what where my future is going, it just feels so fast.

I do look forward to being more active and creative.  I used to scrapbook pretty much everyday, and then life crashed hard and I haven’t had that outlet in a long time.  I’m very excited about this passion, but I do have some fear of it getting away from me and getting me in trouble somewhere down the line.

Currently, I’m developing some ideas that I can do over the summer to make a little money to sublet my planner expenses, but that will come in its own blog post.


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