Let’s Get Started!

So, for one, this is my first attempt at what I call a “big girl blog.”  I’ve used LiveJournal for years (I’m nostalgic like that) and in talking with my neice (she’s here!) we decided it was time we both took the plunge and created our bgb’s.

That being said, the only thing I can think of to blog about with what’s going on in my life is my new obsession in the “glam planning” world.  I’ve always loved planners but they always just seemed so “grown up” and professional, whereas I felt I was a little more creative than just black and white jot things down.  Thanks to buzzfeed, when they posted an article about jazzing up planners (18 Planner That Will Make You Want to Get Your Shit Together) I found my calling!

I’ve been into scrapbooking (I swear I’m not an old lady, though I do have 7 cats in my family) and making handmade cards, this just meshed right in!  I did all kinds of research and watched countless hours of youtube planners (so far I would have to say my heart belongs to Vinamae) and I selected to start with the popular Erin Condren Life Planner!

Being a full time college student with an anxiety and major depressive disorder (which unfortunately caused me to lose the pt job I had), this little hobby quickly became a weekly meditation for me. I love the ECLP, but between home life and a heavier school load, I didn’t have enough room for my assignments and tasks.  I quickly went to option number two for school: the Plum Paper Planner! I love that it’s similar enough to what I was familiar with in the ECLP and gave me more than enough room to break everything down for classes.  I had to admit to my loving and supportive husband that I was now officially addicted.

Money is, of course, pretty tight but the trade off is priceless.  I able to support the needs of my family more fully thanks to the mental clarity this provides as well as it’s obvious planning and organizational functions.  So when it comes to stickers, I browsed my scrapbooking closet (stop snickering) and utilized the left over stickers and items I had there, plus the office supplies I had collected in the work field.

Thanks to Vinamae’s channel, I found Dru Cortez’s Vintage Glam Studios blog and downloaded the free printables she posts.  Her designs are amazing and adorable and there is a wide variety; even though my sticker collection from etsy shops has grown, I still use a lot of her designs in both my planners.  I just use the very common Avery Sticker Project Paper in my HP inject printer that I’ve had since I was printing custom made wedding invitations and cards for my friends and co-workers.

That about sums up the beginning of this adventure.. We’ll just have to see how this whole blog thing works out as time goes on.  Should be rather interesting.




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